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Trade and Compliance Facilitation into Africa

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Making Trade into Africa Easier

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Road Freight into Africa Simplified

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With over 100 years of industry experience, Pro-Africa offers real value-added trade solutions, enabling our customers greater control over trade into Africa. Pro-Africa are trade and compliance facilitation experts, providing unmatched levels of service irrespective of Origin or Destination via our network of terminals.

We understand the complexities in your business process and aim to work alongside your systems and employees, in order to offer you a seamless freight forwarding, carrier management system.

Trade and Compliance Facilitation Experts

  • Industry leading network and innovation developments
  • Multi-modal flexibility
  • Customs Compliance specialists
  • Continuous improvements leading change

Enhance Local Content Spend

  • B-BBEE Empowered Supplier and spend
  • B-BBEE early payment terms as part of Enterprise Development

Dedicated Independent Specialists

  • Delivering strategic value to your Supply Chain
  • Individualised solutions
  • Focused quality control systems
  • Proactive advising and implementation of supply chain solutions

Our Offering

  • Freight Forwarders and Carrier Management
  • Manage Customs Compliance
  • Specialised skills in Customs Compliance
  • Enhanced record keeping / solutions / control

Pro-Africa prides itself on adding real value to our customers, our value-added offering includes:

  • Full container storage
  • Cross documentation operations
  • Container unpack and/or repack
  • Cratering, palletization, strapping
  • Indoor or outdoor storage
  • In-house management
  • Quality management
  • Supplier management


(T) +27 10 591 2138 (E)

26 Ernest Oppenheimer Street, Vasco De Gama

Building, Bruma, West Wing - Ground Floor

Who we are ?


Specialists in simplifying trade into Africa


  • Provide cost effective solutions that simplify customs clearance and compliance procedures.
  • To enable our customers more control over their trade by providing leading trade solutions and expertise.
  • We are an asset light and independent trade facilitation company that ensures we provide the best solutions.


  • Leading change in the industry.
  • Our ethos is on quality and integrity.
  • Best expertise in the industry.

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Pro Africa :

Certified Proudly South African

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South African Association of Freight Forwarder

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